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Many factors need to be considered while building your dream team. You are only as successful as those surrounding you and supporting you in your efforts and goals. Your entire organization must include resources with varying strengths an eclectic mix of skill sets.

When taking on a new leadership role, and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your team, you may well identify your “WALDO”– the person who stands out in the crowd. The employee who dances to a different drum. The individual who doesn’t ever seem to agree with the concensus.   The one who dresses a bit differently than the rest of the staff.   The one who meets the deadline on a project, but turns in such an enhanced version of the project that it can change the course and outcome entirely. This is the person who often sits alone in the lunch room and may not attend the after-work social activities.  It can be very challenging to find a spot on the team to maximize the contribution of this person. He may not be a team player; she may not be liked by her co-workers.   People often have difficulty relating to him or understanding her.

The late Steve Jobs encouraged us to embrace the “crazy ones; ….. the round pegs in the square hole…….because ……. they can change the world…….”

Find your Crazy One – Your Waldo – The one who looks a bit different, thinks differently, may seem crazy. The one who stands out and apart in the crowd. Your challenge is to find a way to facilitate and enable this person’s ability to change your world.