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You remember the kids saying “I’m bored……..”   It came somewhere between an arts & crafts project, the quick trip to the local park and then back home to bake cookies There was that few-minute gap when they were not actively engaged and they were whining about being bored.

You’ve probably had a staff member who gets bored easily. He doesn’t usually whine and may not even be able to identify or edify his boredom. He takes on new assignments and projects with extreme enthusiasm and a high level of competency.   And he’s out your office door putting together an execution plan before you’ve finished describing the project you had in mind. And he usually delivers results on time.

This easily-bored resource moves fast and welcomes new challenges. And when she finishes the challenge you’ve given her………… she’s bored. The enthusiasm diminishes and the expediency of the roll out slows down.

It’s your job to recognize this boredom and channel your staff member in to a new challenge that will benefit from his dynamic execution style. Give him a new project; a new job; a new position. Offer her relocation, or a temporary re-assignment. If you don’t, the boredom will set in and your highly valuable staff member will start to seek a new challenge elsewhere.

Often, these resources are perceived as disloyal or unstable. They tend to move around a lot. They change jobs and companies.   They need a constant challenge.  However, your success can be greatly enhanced by channeling the strengths of such a resource to benefit your organization and help you achieve your goals.   Don’t lose them to the competition. Help them recognize their strengths and understand their need to be constantly stimulated. Your most easily-bored staff member can be one of your greatest assets.   If you are able to effectively manage them, everyone wins.