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About Nancy Costo

Never one to separate her personal code of ethics from her professional behavior, Nancy’s approach to achieving professional excellence is straightforward – “Take care of each other and everything else will take care of itself.”

With extensive grounding in the freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain solutions industries, Nancy is adept at blending cultures and creating environments where everyone can succeed.  Her experience includes:

  • Facilitating reorganizations;
  • Transitioning through mergers and acquisitions;
  • Reversing negative business trends;
  • Enhancing US footprint for foreign companies.

A native New Yorker who learned early on that, if you can move a piece of freight from one side of JFK Airport to the other you can move it anywhere. Nancy has traveled the world, followed the supply chain of her customers, engaged with associates around the globe and fostered commonality and life-long partnerships and friendships.

“Nancy was able to turn JFK’s office bottom line to a positive for the first time ever.”

Michael Frenkel

Executive Vice President – Global Finance, Wen-Parker Logistics

“A great asset for the company she works with and even greater for the people who have the pleasure of working with her.”

Luigi Badetti

Executive Vice President, Cargoways Logistics, Inc.

“She is a great motivator, mentor and teacher of this business and has the tenacity to stick with anything and solve any hurdles in her path.”

Joseph Venezia

Strategic Business Development, Geodis

“If there is anyone who can get a job done and do it well, it is Nancy Costo.”

Ilene Rosenblum, Ph.D.

Manager/Owner at Eastside Body & Brain Yoga